Turn Change into Opportunity

Find Growth, Service and a Vision for Your Future

Sometimes you can choose to make a major change for your business, and sometimes it's forced on you. But before you just sign on the dotted line, do your due diligence - what's best for your firm and your clients?

Join Ron Carson, CEO and founder of Carson Group, as he meets with three of our partners who left large broker-dealers to go out on their own with the support of a trusted partner. They discuss what went into their decision to leave, how Carson met their needs, what the future looks like for their firms, and plenty more.


Meet the Advisors

Shelley Funke Frommeyer
Chad Phipps
Steve Martin

Meet the Hosts

Ron Carson
Scott Wood

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Staying ahead of the curve is important to Shelley Funke Frommeyer. And when she attended an industry conference a few years ago, it was evident that she was far from it. What happened next set the stage for the future of her firm and her clients.

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What Makes Carson Different?

This complementary, on-demand webinar gives you an inside look at what drove advisors like you to leave their broker-dealer and partner with Carson. These advisors were looking for something different, and throughout the interview you'll see common themes emerge of what motivated them to leave their broker-dealer, including:

  • A desire and a need to stay ahead of the curve
  • Understanding the short-term vs long-term economics
  • A need for growth strategies that are proven and supported
  • Proper support when the markets, industry or world changes
  • A chance to wear less hats, focusing on being a CEO instead of the entire C-suite
  • A voice in the decision-making process, and a general desire to "be in the loop"
  • Community that extends far beyond a regional support representative
  • Opportunity to cut through bureaucracy and truly run their own firm


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