How Carson Partnership Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Top-of-Mind

How One Partner Combines Local Marketing Efforts with Carson Group's Partner Marketing Plans to Grow Their Firm and Increase Their Reputation

"I've always felt that mastering and leveraging digital marketing will give us a huge competitive advantage in the financial world."

For advisors trying to develop a digital presence in the marketplace, this case study is a great starting point. Bob Huntley, founder of Wise Counsel Wealth Management, tells us how his team has taken ownership of their digital presence, utilizing materials from Carson Group marketing as well as their own efforts. He discusses their schedule for marketing strategy, and how they work as a team to keep their name on the front page of Google results for advisors in their area.

You'll learn:

  • How Wise Counsel keeps the content fresh through discussing their corporate values and surveying their clients to find out what they'd like to read.
  • How to use the Carson marketing team's materials to their full potential.
  • The Wise Counsel team's strategy to "own the wealth management brand" in their community.