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The Convenience Paradox

Balancing Our Present-Day Needs with the Future We Seek


With integrated tech and a single login, clients can conveniently check whatever aspect of their financial picture they want to see, whenever they want to see it. But that doesn’t make it any easier for them to actually plan for their future.


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Just because a client knows how their portfolio is performing doesn’t mean they know how they want to spend their time in retirement, or what legacy they want to leave behind. 

And as their advisors, in this more convenient world, we have to be able to change how we communicate with our clients to dig into what they really want to be doing with their money and their lives. How can we help them find their freedom? 

In this video, Ron Carson, Founder and CEO, and Paul West, Managing Partner, dive into the ways advisors can better serve their clients in an era of convenience. 


Build a Blueprint

Blueprinting is an effective way to get clients to focus on their long-term goals.

More than an Advisor

Being just an advisor isn’t enough now you need to be a financial strategist.

Wisdom of the Crowd

An advisory council is a great way to hear directly from your clients about their pain points.

Are you, as an advisor, playing checkers, or are you playing chess?I would bet most of your clients think you're playing checkers. You make a move, they respond. You make a move, they respond. How are we going to win families of the future? We're always playing chess.

- Paul West, Managing Partner

Smiling middle-aged couple in a meeting with an investment adviser planning for their future retirement, over the shoulder view



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