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Playing to a New Audience

How Changing Client Demographics Are Shaping the Future of Advice


Rapid advances in technology like AI aren’t the only changes advisors will be facing in the near future – our audience is about to look a whole lot different.


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Financial advisors’ clients are getting older on the whole, and we’re seeing more single, unmarried clients and more women than ever before. 

These changing demographics mean new challenges for advisors, but also new opportunities. 

In this video, Carson’s Burt White, Chief Strategy Officer, breaks down what advisors can do to prepare to meet the needs of this new audience.


A Rise in Retirees

The number of working-age Americans is declining, and most aren’t ready for retirement.

Serving Singles

There are more one-person households than ever before, and they need advisors’ help.

The Future is Female

Advisors need to be prepared to meet the needs of women clients both married and unmarried.

With women, diversity is not a bumper sticker anymore, my friends. It is about growth. It's the most important trend in financial services.

- Burt White, Chief Strategy Officer

Smiling middle-aged couple in a meeting with an investment adviser planning for their future retirement, over the shoulder view



Ready to meet the needs of these new audiences?