Build Personalized, Genuine Client Experiences with Data 

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Deepening your relationships with your clients can increase retention and referrals, says Executive Business Coach Tammy Breitenbach. And our Founder and CEO Ron Carson says that providing a great client experience can help your firm thrive and grow.  

And you’ve likely created a great client experience already, but why not make it better by harnessing the power of data to create deeper client relationships and personalized client experiences?  

But where do you even start? How do you know what data to track and which metrics are the right ones to measure?  


This webinar will cover:

Why data is a critical factor to providing a personalized client experience  

How data can help increase your clients’ satisfaction and trust in you 

How to get started leveraging the power of data to run your business 

What you can do now to improve your firm’s data hygiene 

Hosted by Leanne Ball, Director, Data Architect



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Learn how you can harness the power of data by watching a replay of our webinar “Power Your Technology and Enhance the Client Experience with Data,” hosted by Carson’s Leanne Ball, Director, Data Architect. 

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