M&A From The Inside: How Advisors Can Build a Successful Internal Succession Plan

Most advisors know they need a succession plan but don't always make it a priority or know where to begin. So naturally, many of us look to our own internal teams.

Although that's often a viable option, there are many important factors to consider before pulling the trigger. In this webinar, you'll walk away with the following important knowledge:

  • A roadmap of the specific process you should follow, from writing a job description to extending an offer.
  • How do you create the right path? Compensation model? Incentives?
  • What are common pitfalls to avoid when selecting an internal successor?
  • How should you execute the transition from you to your successor?

Join Jason Carver, Carson Group's Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions to explore these questions and more. His four-step process for building a successful internal succession plan will help you get on the path to securing your legacy.