Leveraging Each Other's Strengths: An M&A Case Study

“We thought long and hard about the kind of client we were trying to engage, and then we went where they are to meet them.”

Russ Nieland and Chris Graw met through a mutual client who saw their strengths and suggested they would complement each other well. So began a two-year conversation that culminated in merging their firms and moving forward together.

Through work with the Carson Mergers and Acquisitions team to clarify expectations and their strengths, they were able to connect for an exciting and mutually-beneficial future.

Download their story to find out:

  • How the Mergers and Acquisitions process works, from initial conversations through final paperwork
  • How Chris and Russ did their due diligence to make sure this merger would work for both parties before they signed the dotted line
  • How the merger helps them keep clients’ interests first and create a legacy firm they can put their lives into

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