Leading with Marketing: How a Renewed Focus Helped One Firm Double Its AUM in 3 Years

“It’s amazing how creative and strategic you can be when you don't have to worry about a lot of the minutiae of running a practice.” 

While working as an advisor at a large wirehouse, Neal McGrath, founder, Managing Partner and Senior Wealth Advisor at Aptus Wealth Planning, found that he couldn’t be nimble enough to keep up with the rapidly changing financial advisory space. 

Now at his own firm and partnered with Carson, Neal was finally free from the outdated tech and compliance headaches that had held him back at his old firm. Finally able to run his business on his terms, Neal turned his focus toward a new area: marketing. 

And though, by his own admission, Neal had almost no marketing experience, with Carson’s backing, he was able to put together a marketing plan that has helped his firm flourish. 

Download Neal’s story to learn how Carson has supported his marketing efforts, how his firm more than doubled its AUM in three years and what the future looks like for Aptus Wealth Planning.