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Key Takeaways from Excell 2023 

Changing Your Tune in a Rapidly Changing World


What does it take to be a rock star these days in the world of financial services? 


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Increasingly, it’s harder than ever to make it as a solo act. You need a team behind you to achieve harmony and reach your full potential. 

That was one of the main themes at Excell 2023 in Nashville – in an ever-changing world that requires advisors to be more nimble and more adaptable than ever, no one should try to go solo. 

Our guidebook “Trends for Growth Minded Advisors: Changing Your Tune in a Rapidly Changing World” covers that topic and other challenges advisors will need to confront in the future. 


Taking on Tech

New technology – especially AI – is rolling out faster than ever before.

Playing to a New Audience

Our client base is rapidly changing, and we need to be prepared to meet its needs.

More than an Advisor

Being just an advisor isn’t enough now – you need to be a financial strategist.

We’re already seeing the impact of AI begin on financial services – 54% of Americans have asked ChatGPT for financial advice.
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