Evaluating Strategic Partnerships to Help Your Firm Reach Its Goals

An Inside Look at Chapter 8 of “Proven in the Trenches”

What helped you get your firm where it is today might not get your firm where you want it to go in the future. The financial advisory industry is seeing constant consolidation. Advisors need to be aware of all options available to them as they look to grow their business.

It’s important to gauge the effectiveness of your current partnerships: your broker-dealer, tech vendors, custodians and more. Are they an “engine” or an “anchor?” Do these partnerships propel your business forward, or do they weigh it down?

As you look to form new partnerships, make sure you’re thoughtful about who you choose to align with. Are they a cultural fit? What are the strategic benefits of the partnership? Will they help you achieve the goals you have for your business?

Ron Carson dives into how advisors should approach transformations in Chapter 8 of his latest book, “Proven in the Trenches.” Download the chapter for free to learn how to evaluate partnerships for growth.