Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

In this more socially conscious era, some investors want to be sure that their money is going toward companies whose actions are making a difference in the world. As a result, ESG – or environmental, social and governance – investing has gained traction in recent years.

To learn more about this sustainable way of investing and what businesses are doing to stay aligned with its objectives, watch our on-demand webinar “Environmental, Social and Governance Investing.” During the webinar, you’ll hear from:

  • Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner, Wealth Solutions at Carson and co-host of the Framework podcast
  • Ana Trujillo Limon, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content at Carson and co-host of the Framework podcast
  • Zach Conway, CEO and founder of Seeds
  • Corrine Merriman, Client Relationship Manager at Ethic
  • Gabe Rissman, President and co-founder of YourStake

If you have clients who might be intrigued by ESG investing or simply want to learn more about it, just fill out the form below to watch the webinar at your convenience.