Build, Buy or Partner: Which Road Will You Take to Become a Billion-Dollar Firm?

Running a business is a bit like a choose-your-own-adventure book. You can take multiple paths to the same destination. But to grow your firm in the best way possible, you need to decide that path up front and set a plan. Will you…

Build, buy or partner?

Watch as Ron Carson, Alex Rodawig and Jason Carver have a roundtable discussion on each path to help you determine what’s best for your firm.


Alex Rodawig, Managing Director, Head of Carson Wealth

Learn what it takes to build a billion-dollar firm through organic growth, and the biggest challenges you’ll likely face along the way.


Jason Carver, Vice President, Mergers & Acquisition

Find out what it takes to find the right acquisition opportunities for your firm – and how to close the deal on your own.


Ron Carson, Founder and CEO of Carson Group

Do you need a one-off solution or an ecosystem of support? Our profession is shifting more toward partnership, and Ron will explain what that means for your firm.