The Battle for Big Data: What Advisors Can Learn from Netflix & Amazon

Watch Ron Carson and Andrew Rogers to see how leveraging technology--like Netflix & Amazon do--can lead to growth for your business.

Soon, clients will demand from you the same instant satisfaction and seamless experience they get from every other daily interaction with brands like Netflix and Amazon. Learn why technology matters more today than it ever has for financial advisors of every size:

  • Why technology can help you gain & keep clients
  • How client expectations are redefining advisor technology needs
  • The technology "secret sauce" that will have the biggest impact on your firm's growth

What if becoming a new client was as instant as placing an order on Amazon Prime? What if investors could get the same limitless amount of value and content from you as they could from a monthly subscription to Netflix? In this webinar, Carson Group's Founder & CEO Ron Carson and Advisor Solutions Manager Andrew Rogers will share some of the latest trends swaying investor behavior and demonstrate how these changes are re-shaping the way our Barron's top-ranked firm is reinventing the client experience in financial services.

You will learn how to bring this "big think" from the world's biggest brands down to earth so it can be applied to your practice, as well as give you the initial steps you must take to always start with the client and work backwards.