Build a Compensation Plan to Attract and Retain Advisors

There is no turnkey solution for advisor compensation packages.

What works well for one advisory firm might not work as well for another. The key is retaining talent that will help you grow your business.
So how do you determine what pay model best fits your firm?

Our free Advisor Compensation Workbook will help you identify your compensation philosophy from which your compensation objectives should flow. It asks targeted questions, so you can tailor compensation to each role within your firm, considering the goals for that role and standard industry benchmarks.

We’ll help you consider:

  • The breakdown between salary, revenue split and bonus packages
  • The financial impact to your firm, so you’re not overextended in leaner times
  • How to document and clearly communicate your compensation plan
  • And more!
It’s important to be thoughtful and clear when it comes to compensation. Make sure your model is on solid footing to prevent future headaches.

Download the Advisor Compensation Workbook today.